Whatismolly.com Offer Affordable Solutions for Testing Molly and Other Drugs

Whatismolly.com, a Texas-based educational website about drugs, offers affordable solutions for testing drugs such as molly, MDMA or ecstasy. For a reasonable price, anybody can purchase drug testing kits online, anywhere in the USA. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to decrease drug related incidents through their easy-to-use drug testing kits, along with their various post about drugs and drug consumption.

Many people don’t know the difference between Molly, MDMA, and ecstasy. What is Molly? It usually goes by the name of Ecstasy or MDMA. However, there are differences between the three. While ecstasy, a very popular drug among those who like to party at music festivals, contains MDMA, it also contains other chemical compounds. MDMA is a chemical compound – called methylenedioxymethamphetamine – that can be found in ecstasy pills. On the other hand, Molly is the new hip in raver communities and, some say, it’s much secure than others.

“Because rave zombies needed something cool & hip to call their source of bliss. Mary is to pot, as Lucy is to LSD… so… aside from those “Fun Guys” fucking everything up in the drug nickname world, Molly was the next logical step for a two-syllable female name guise. Also, it’s a mole-cule – get it?” it’s noted on Whatismolly.com.

Given that people confuse the three terms, the founders of Whatismolly.com commit themselves to educate the public and offer reliable solutions, solutions that could save lives or at least trips to the hospital.

The problem, seen by the website’s members, is that “most dealers these days don’t even sell pure MDMA but still try and pass it off as molly.” That’s why an easy-to-use drug testing kit is a must when going to places where dealers usually do business or try to scam people.

For only $17.99, Whatismolly.com offers drug testing kits that can be used 200 times. The kits consist of a Marquis or Mandelin reagent, a mini spoon, a veil and instructions on how to test substances. Just pour in the veil reagent and the substance wished to be tested and see what color it turns to. For example, you can check if you have pure DMNA on your hands or something counterfeit by simply reading the color chart. The same applies to other drug testing kits found on Whatismolly.com, e.g., cocaine and LSD.

Based in Pearland, Texas, Whatismolly.com is an educational site about drugs. Its mission is to prevent drug-related incidents by educating the public on drug issues and offering kits to test substances.