MMDA-Test it before you ingest it

Testing Molly and other Ecstasy drug is a multi-phase process. The standard test requires four different reagent which are Marquis, Mandelin and Simon’s . Simon’s reagent is used to separate MDMA from MDA after confirmation has been done with the first three reagent that a MDx compound is present . There are three advance Molly testing kit out there which include Froehde, Folin and Lieberman, they can be used to identify some other drug that are commonly sold.

A detail step by step instruction is given below for you to be able to perform drug test yourself.

Test Instructions

In other to perform this test successfully don’t have more than one reagent bottle open at a time. Mixing of reagent caps with one another will render you sample contaminated. Perform this test in a ventilated and well lilted environment. Be careful when using the reagent because it contain chemical compound that can damage the skin. Using of latex gloves is highly recommended. Also keep the chemical solution from your mouth and eyes

Cut or scrape a tiny sample of the pill or powder to be tested into white ceramic plate. Use powder that is visible on the plate

Bring out the reagent bottle from the safety container. Remove the cap and invert the bottle with a small distant from the powder, Squeeze out a drop out of the bottle to the powder . Don’t let the bottle tips touch the powder or you will contaminate the whole reagent. Replace the cap

Observe the color change. Use the corresponding color in you kit chart to evaluate your test and determine the chemical present in your drug

After the successful completion of the above step, use Simon’s reagent to check whether the drugs is MDA,MDE AND MDMA. Simon test is carried out like the test above but it requires tow reagent bottle of liquid A and B. A is first drop on the substance then B. Presence of MDMA will make the substance to turn blue and MDA will have no color change.

Storage and handling

Most molly test reagent are of potential dangerous chemicals that are strong enough to burn skin and clothing. So keep out your eyes and mouth from the chemical, In handling the bottle wear latex glove. If some of it get in touch with your skin quickly wash with soap and large quantity of water. The testing surface should be wash with soap and water. Wash away test sample and unwanted reagent down the sink with baking soda and running water. All testing kit should be stored in a cold dark place.

In conclusion, it should be noted that reagent can only discover the presence MDMA and the likes not the amount and quantity present in the whole drug. The purity of the substance cannot be determined by the process either. Dark color will override the reaction of other substance present in the drug. A positive or negative test with this reagent doesn’t make the drug safe. Be wise when making decision.